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What changes are coming to Semi Permanent Makeup and Microblading?

VTCT Level 4 Micropigmentation Qualification. For some time there has been talk about this industry and qualifications changing. In 2016 the HEE (Health Education England) produced standards across a wide board of treatments in the industry that are unregulated. A directive has now been implemented and in conjunction with the JCCP these guidelines are for insurers and licensing officers to request. A firm date has not been provided but we believe from September onwards practitioners are expected to work to the standards set which means a level 4 is required. This means the education and the practice of Permanent Makeup and Microblading will be a Level 4 with initiatives that deliver high standards of practice throughout the industry. Although not yet mandatory it is likely that insurance companies and local licensing officers will start to follow these guidelines soon. Some locations already are requesting this level.

Available Training Dates 

June 2017

7th – 10th June 2017 – Microblading Beginners
17th – 22nd June 2017 – PMU All Round Foundation Beginners Mentorship
27th June 2017 – Advanced Lip Artistry

July 2017

3rd – 4th July 2017 – Microblading  Advanced for Qualified Techs
10th – 13th July – Microblading Beginners VTCT Level 4
20th -21st – Microblading to PMU Conversion
15th – 20th July 2017 – PMU All Round Foundation Beginners Mentorship

August 2017

10th to 13th August – Microblading Beginners -VTCT Level 4
18th – 21st August – Just Brows Permanent Makeup Digital
24th August – Advanced Hairstoke Patterns
25th August – Advanced Eyeliner Techniques
23-28th August – PMU All Round Foundation Beginners VTCT Level 4
30th – 2nd Sept –  Microblading Beginners VTCT Level 4

September 2017

6th to 11th September – PMU All Round Foundation Beginners VTCT Level 4
14th to 17th September – Microblading beginners £3400 (6 days total. Extensive kit) (option VTCT Level 4)
20th September – Microblading Ombre Powdered brows (1 day). £650.
21st September – Permanent Cosmetics (digital) Ombre brows 1-1 £850 (1 day).
25th to 30th September – All Round Foundation Permanent Makeup (9 days total) (VTCT Option available) £4995. Two machine kit choices from £1500 – £2300
27th to 30th September –  Just Brows Permanent Makeup (machine) (6 days total) (VTCT option to upgrade to eyeliner and lip modules later date) £3400. (two machine & kit choices from £1500-£2300)

October 2017

11th to 14th October –  Microblading beginners £3400 (6 days total. Extensive kit) (option VTCT Level 4)
25th to 28th October – Just Brows Permanent Makeup (machine) (6 days total) (VTCT option to upgrade to eyeliner and lip modules later date) £3400. (two machine & kit choices from £1500-£2300)


Advanced Training on a One to One basis, specific to your needs in Permanent Makeup and Microblading.


Signature Training Academy provides the pathway to careers in all levels of Permanent Cosmetics and Microblading in Bedfordshire near London Luton Airport. Call or Email us for more information. | 07980 578252

Our training academy offers options for those wishing to enter into this professional industry. Being one of UK’s VTCT Permanent Cosmetic Makeup recognised and accredited centres we are well positioned to provide you with the best qualifications.

We have 25 years of experience in teaching and helping learners to choose the best training options to suit their goals and learning styles. All our courses offer pathways from beginners to specialist including medical tattooing.

The best step is to get in touch to find out more or to book a taster session at our academy near London Luton Airport. We look forward to speaking with you.


Permanent Makeup procedures shown here demonstrate two popular treatments being carried out by Tracy Fensome. Here you will see micro-pigmentation used to enhance and define these clients brows and lips. Our permanent makeup courses and training modules will give you the knowledge to provide your clients with new brows, lips and eye liner.  These procedures can be life changing for your clients by giving them a beautiful new look and boosting their confidence.

Have a look at our earnings table to see how financially rewarding a career in the permanent makeup industry can be. Not only can you change the way your clients see themselves, but you can change your own life by planning work around your life, working when you want and boosting your income. In some cases earning more in just the time it takes to perform a couple of treatments than all week on previous salaries. Take a few minutes to watch these and the difference Permanent Makeup can make.